KSJ MG6-F1 gloss meter

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For general applications, KSJ MG6-F gloss meter is recommended. Listed below are the key specifications:

  • Angle: single-angle (60°)
  • Range: 0 – 199.9
  • Resolution: 0.1 GU
  • Beam size: 10 mm × 20 mm

More information is available in the following documents:

For more details, please expand one of the blocks below.


The gloss meter uses 1 piece of AA-size battery. The typical battery life is around 58 hours (alkaline battery; without backlight and BlueTooth).

Basic operations

There are just 3 simple steps to perform gloss measurement:

  1. Power on
  2. Calibration
  3. Gloss measurement

1. Power on

Long press the “ON/OFF” button to switch on the gloss meter

2. Calibration

There is a calibration board in the base holder of the gloss meter (shown above). Mount the gloss meter to the base holder and buckle it properly.

Short press the “Calibration” button. While the “CA” symbol is flashing, short press the “Calibration” again. The “CA” symbol disappears and the gloss meter is calibrated.

3. Gloss measurement

Take out the gloss meter from its base plate. Attach the measurement port (at the bottom of the gloss meter) to the surface to be measured. The gloss result is displayed on the screen, without pressing any button.

Good practices

The following good practice practices are recommended:

  • Keep the calibration board and the lens in the measurement port clean.
  • Re-calibrate the gloss meter frequently.
Smartphone controlled gloss measurement

It is possible to perform online gloss measurement with a smartphone (both Android and iOS) via BlueTooth connection and store the gloss measurement results in the smartphone.

Refer to the user’s manual for the details.

Small and light class C pyranometer: LPPYRA-Lite

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Delta Ohm just released a new pyranometer product LPPYRA-Lite with the following features:

  • Spectrally flat class C according to ISO 9060:2018
  • With thermopile sensor
  • Output type: mV (default) or 4-20 mA (on request)

The weight of the pyranometer is only 150 g. It is suitable for small PV power plant monitoring or general solar radiation measurements. Please click the pyranometer photo below for the datasheet.


50 mm globe thermometer for thermal comfort applications

Related instruments Temperature & humidity, Thermal comfort

Shown above is a 50 mm diameter globe thermometer, with Class A 4-wire PT100 sensor. The model is Delta Ohm TP876.1.I. An alternative model with 150 mm diameter (TP875.1.I) is also available. Refer to the instrument datasheet for more information.

For the working principle of globe thermometers, please refer to this article.

HD48S01ETO1 relative humidity transmitter with MODBUS output and extended working temperature range

Related instruments Temperature & humidity

Shown below is an HD48S01ETO1 relative humidity transmitter with MODBUS output and extended working temperature range.

The key specifications include:

  • Humidity measurement range: 0 – 100%RH
  • Working temperature range: -40 – 150 °C (probe); -20 – 60 °C (electronics)
  • Probe length: 135 mm
  • Output type: MODBUS-RTU

Delta Ohm LR35 LoRaWan wireless data logging system

Related instruments Wireless & web data loggers

A LoRaWan based wireless data logging system was recently deployed by OTM. The system consists of:

The system was fully integrated and configured by OTM. OTM will also provide 1.5 years of maintenance and data collection services.

The instruments are distributed in various locations of two buildings. Shown below are two important instruments of the system (left: a LoRaWan data logger; right: the LoRaWan gateway).

LR35WH (outdoor type general-purpose data logger)
LoRaWan Gateway (indoor type, with 4G connectivity)

All-in-one weather station for weather and air quality monitoring

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Shown below is an all-in-one weather station supplied by OTM for weather and air quality monitoring.

The system consists of the following components:

The system is fully integrated and completely independent. The data are uploaded to Delta Ohm cloud every 2 minutes. OTM also provides 2-year maintenance services to the instruments.

Instruments for on-site solar irradiance and daylight illuminance monitoring

Related instruments Pyranometers, wireless & web data loggers, Light & radiation

Related services On-site testing & monitoring

A monitoring system was integrated and configured by OTM for on-site solar irradiance and daylight illuminance monitoring. The following Delta Ohm products were used:

The system is a fully automated system. The results are automatically logged and uploaded to the cloud, without site visits and manual operations.

The instruments (left: two sensors; right: wireless data logger)
Result page on Delta Ohm cloud

Thermal comfort data logger for PMV/PPD/WBGT/turbulence measurement

Related instruments Temperature & humidity, Air speed & wind, Thermal comfort

Shown below are two sets of Delta Ohm HD32.3TC thermal comfort data loggers, with the following features:

  • For PMV/PPD/WBGT/turbulence measurement (ISO 7726, 7730 and 7243)
  • 4 quantities measured: air temperature, humidity, speed and globe temperature
  • Portable
  • With large touch screen
  • With built-in Li-ion battery (chargeable via USB)
  • With voice recording and camera function
  • With wi-fi connection for FTP upload

Visit our thermal comfort instrument page for more products.

With the 3 probes connected (globe thermometer probe, combined temperature & humidity probe, and air speed probe), it is possible to display either PMV/PPD results or WBGT (both indoor and outdoor) results, as shown below:

PMV/PPD result page
WBGT result page