On-site testing & monitoring

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On-site testing & monitoring services of optical & thermal performances

We are a Singapore-based third-party test laboratory, providing on-site testing & monitoring services related to optical & thermal performances. Our lab is SAC-SINGLAS (ISO 17025) accredited and our customers are from around 30 countries.

The materials have been installed and it is not piratical to bring them to a lab.

The performance is dependent on the weather and building environment and it is not practice to conduct the testing in a lab.

There are various scenarios that on-site testing & monitoring is desirable:

  • Test samples are too big
  • It is not practical to remove test samples from an existing building
  • Performances in real building and real weather condition are required

OTM has supported many on-site testing and monitoring projects:

  • On-site testing of color and gloss uniformity
  • On-site monitoring of glass performance
  • On-site monitoring of micro-environment in buildings
  • On-site testing of glass flatness (roller wave and edge lift)

We are resourceful in propose testing & monitoring plans, tailored to your specific project needs. We are neutral & independent and we provide high quality results for your decision-making.

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Test methods

Standard on-site testing

  • On-site testing of facade color and gloss uniformity
    • AAMA 2605-13 Voluntary specification, performance requirements and test procedures for superior performing organic coatings on aluminum extrusions and panels
    • ASTM D2244-16 Standard practice for calculation of color tolerances and color differences from instrumentally measured color coordinates
    • ASTM D523-14 Standard test method for specular gloss
  • On-site testing of glass color uniformity
    • ASTM C1376-21a Standard specification for pyrolytic and vacuum deposition coatings on flat glass
  • On-site testing of wall or glass U-value
    • ISO 9869-1:2014 Thermal insulation – Building elements – In-situ measurement of thermal resistance and thermal transmittance – Part 1: Heat flow meter method
    • ASTM C1155-95 Standard practice for determining thermal resistance of building envelope components from the in-situ data
  • On-site testing of glass flatness (roller wave and edge lift)
    • ASTM C1651-11 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Roll Wave Optical Distortion in Heat-Treated Flat Glass
    • EN 1863-1:2011 Glass in building. Heat strengthened soda lime silicate glass. Definition and description

Non-standard on-site testing & monitoring

For non-standard services, we normally propose project-specific test method, based on the nature of the projects and customer’s needs. Please click the “Reference projects” tab above for some examples.

Special notes on on-site testing of glass visible light transmittance & shading coefficient

It is unfortunate that it is not practical to measure glass visible light transmittance and shading coefficient on-site. The main reason is that it is not possible to produce ideal AM1.5 solar radiation on-site.

We’ve conducted on-site monitoring of thermochromic glasses and it is possible to monitor the solar energy transmission and visible light transmission performances of glasses on-site. However, such results are not directly comparable to laboratory tested results, due to the different environmental conditions.

Reference projects

On-site color uniformity testing

We have 6 reference projects in this category, 5 on glass color uniformity and 1 on cladding material color uniformity.

Cladding material color uniformity
Glass color uniformity
Glass color uniformity

On-site facade performance & micro-climate monitoring

We have 3 reference projects in this category, 1 on thermochromic glass performance monitoring, 1 on low-e glass performance monitoring and 1 on micro-climate monitoring.

Thermochromic glass monitoring
Low-e glass monitoring
Micro-climate monitoring

Largest collection of optical & thermal instruments in Singapore

OTM maintains the largest collection of optical & thermal measurement instruments in Singapore. 

The instruments were used in our past projects. As the distributor of a few reputable instrument manufacturers, we are able to get access to high precision instruments at more competitive prices. Additionally, we also have in-house capabilities to design and integrate measurement instruments.

Instruments of on-site micro-climate monitoring
A group of wireless data loggers to be deployed
Cost, lead time & procedures


The cost is project dependent. We will propose a fee based on the nature of the project (e.g. instruments needed, project duration, manpower required in result analysis and reporting).

Please contact us for discussions on your project.

Lead time

If we have existing instruments, we will be able to start the project in 1 – 2 weeks or earlier; if we need to order additional instruments, we will be able to start the project in 4 – 5 weeks after your confirmation.

For monitoring projects, we will need additional 2 weeks for result analysis and reporting.


Below are the typical procedures for an on-site testing & monitoring projects:

  1. We will visit the site to understand the site conditions and the project nature;
  2. We will write a project based on our site visit and mutual discussions;
  3. If the proposal is acceptable to the customer, we will provide an official quotation, with the agreed proposal as the attachment
  4. The project will start after the customer’s confirmation.

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