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Delta Ohm measurement instruments

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What instruments do you sell?

We are the distributor of Delta Ohm in Singapore. Delta Ohm is an Italy based measurement instrument manufacturer.

Blow is the list of our five most popular measurement instruments:

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Do you have ex-stock of the instruments?

No. The typical lead time is 4 weeks.

Most instruments are assemble and calibrated after the order is received and it take a few weeks for the ordered items to be ready.

We use DHL or Fedex for shipping and the transit time is typical 3 days.

If you need instruments urgently, please arrange with us earlier, as it is hard to shorten the lead time.

Are the instruments calibrated?

Yes. Delta Ohm operates six ISO 17025 accredited in-house calibration laboratories (air speed, temperature, acoustic, light, humidity, pressure).

However, unless stated in the data sheet, only standard factory calibrations are performed for new instruments and typically paper calibration certificates are not provided.

If you need ISO 17025 accredited calibration certificates for new instruments, they are available at an additional fee.

Can you conduct instrument re-calibration?

Yes, we can ship your instruments to Delta Ohm’s laboratories in Italy for re-calibration.

However, due to the shipping cost, we encourage our customers to engage a local calibration laboratory for re-calibration, whenever possible.

Do you do system integration and installation?

No, we only supply measurement instruments, but do not perform system integration and installation.

Customers are encouraged to engage their in-house capabilities or local contractors for the integration and installation. We will provide necessary technical supports.

Who are your customers? Do you welcome oversea customers?

The main customer base of us for Delta Ohm measurement instruments is researchers and industry professionals who need reliable and high quality measurement instruments.

We welcome oversea customers and we also absorb the shipping cost to all ASEAN countries.