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Everything about optical & thermal measurement solutions

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OTM solutions Pte Ltd is Singapore's leading optical & thermal measurement solutions provider. Our primary business scope includes:

  • Facade & Roof Materials Testing Laboratory: the full-services laboratory for facade & roof material thermal & optical property testing
  • Instrumentation Services: distribution and instrumentation of optical & thermal measurement instruments

Facade & Roof Materials Testing Laboratory (SAC-SINGLAS accredited)

The Facade & Roof Materials Testing Laboratory of OTM is a SAC-SINGLAS accredited testing laboratory:

Refer to the list below for our qualifications:


SAC-SINGLAS accrediation according to ISO 17025, accredited in 2016


SGBC lab partner for SGBP certification, qualified in 2017


NFRC/LBNL IGDB submission, qualified in 2014


AERC/LBNL CGDB submission, qualified in 2018