Color & color difference

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Lab test service of color and color difference

We are a Singapore-based third-party test laboratory, providing lab test services of material surface color and color difference. Our lab is SAC-SINGLAS (ISO 17025) accredited and our customers are from around 30 countries.

Instrumentally measured color & color difference is important for product appearance control.

The instruments essentially measure the spectral reflectance of the sample surface in the visible light range. The spectral reflectance is used to calculate the tri-stimulus values, and then the 3-dimensional color coordinates (CIELAB color space is the most popular one). When a reference color is defined, the color difference between the sample and the reference can be calculated (i.e. ΔE).

The color of a surface is not a fixed value and is dependent on various factors. When evaluating color, it is important to know under which condition the color is measured and calculated.

It is also important to know the inter instrument error in color measurement. One should be careful in assessing absolute color results.

CIELAB color space
Standard color tiles

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Our capabilities

OTM has a long history in performing color and color difference testing. Listed below are our capabilities:

  • Instruments: laboratory type spectrophotometer and handheld spectrophotometer
  • Optical geometry: d/8 (SCI or SCE), 8/h or 8/d, 45/0
  • Illuminant: all standard illuminants
  • Observer: standard CIE 2° or 10° observer
  • Color space: all standard color spaces

Reference applications

Listed below are some reference applications performed by OTM:

  • Color uniformity check (facade cladding panels and glasses)
  • Color matching of installed products (identify the color with the smallest color difference from installed facade cladding panels)
  • Absolute color measurement (for applications where absolute color is needed)

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Typical workflow

We understand the complexity in color & color difference measurement. Below is our typical workflow in a project:

  • Understand customer’s request
  • Prepare a proposal based on the applications
  • Conduct measurement in lab or on-site
  • Issue a test report
RAL color chart

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