Optical & Thermal Testing Laboratory

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What do you test?

We are a full-services optical & thermal testing laboratory, with a broad scope in material optical & thermal property testing. Thanks to the strong demand from the building & construction industry, we test the optical and thermal properties of facade & roof materials primarily.

Below is the list of our four most popular testing services:

We also provide a long list of specialized and advanced optical & thermal testing services. Please refer to our full list of testing service.

On the other hand, we want to stay focused. We do not provide testing services not related to optical & thermal properties.

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Is your lab accredited?

Yes, the laboratory is an SAC-SINGLAS accredited laboratory:

Refer to the list below for our qualifications:

SAC-SINGLAS accrediation according to ISO 17025, accredited in 2016
SGBC lab partner for SGBP certification, qualified in 2017
NFRC/LBNL IGDB submission, qualified in 2014
AERC/LBNL CGDB submission, qualified in 2018

What are your advantages?

Our organization, people, procedures, and resources are dedicated for optical & thermal testing activities.

If you have a dedicated optical & thermal testing need, it is safe and risk-free to work with OTM.

Our slogan: Choose OTM. Work with the expert in Optical & Thermal Measurement Solutions.

Who are your customers? Do you welcome oversea customers?

Most of our customers are construction companies and building material suppliers. We also have customers from research institutions and other engineering companies.

We welcome oversea customers. A significant portion of our customer base is from oversea. Please refer to the full country list of our customers.

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