Frame U-value & SHGC

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Frame thermal performance (U-value and SHGC) calculation service

We are a Singapore-based third-party test laboratory, providing window or curtain wall system frame thermal performance (U-value & SHGC) calculation service.

The fenestration system (windows, doors, curtain walls and skylights) thermal performance is dependent on both glazing and frame. 

Thermally broken aluminium frame is one of the solutions to achieve better U-value and SHGC performance.

OTM conducts the frame and fenestration thermal performance calculations as an independent third-party laboratory. The calcualtion procedures are in compliance with the US NFRC standards.

Thermally broken aluminium frames

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Further readings

Calculation methods

Calculation tools

  • WINDOW: this is the software tool for calculation of glazing system and fenestration system thermal performance (U-value and SHGC)
  • THERM: this is the software tool for  2D simulation of frame system thermal performance (U-value and SHGC)

Shown below are screenshots from the calculation software:

Calculation of window sill thermal performance (left: geometry; middle: with boundary conditions; right: temperature contour)

Information required

  • Detailed layer-by-layer optical properties of the glazing system
  • Detailed material and geometrical information of the frame system and glazing spacer

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