HD2717T temperature & humidity transmitter with relays

A combined temperature & relative humidity transmitter with 2 working relays and 1 alarm relay.

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Product Description

HD2717T is a combined temperature and humidity transmitter. The model can be configured with 2 working relays and 1 alarm relay. The custom screen display is also optional.

The transmitter and the probe need to be ordered separately. There are various probe options:

  • S.TV: vertical probe (probe is directly attached to the transmitter)
  • S.TC: probe with cable (cable length is selectable)
  • S.TO: horizontal probe (for duct-mounted installations)

Alternatively, the model HD2718T is very similar to HD2717T, and it is equipped with a graphic screen.

Shown below is a photo of an S.TC1.2 probe:

Additional information

Power supply24 VAC/DC or 90-240 VAC, depending on the model
OutputRS232C and RS485 Multidrop; 4-20 mA; 0-20 mA; 0-10 VDC; 2-10 VDC