About us

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10 years in Optical & Thermal Measurement (OTM) Solutions

OTM Solutions Pte Ltd was founded in 2013 by a group of engineers, who believed that they could provide better Optical & Thermal Measurement (OTM) solutions to the industry.

Our organization

Our main expertise is in the accurate determination of optical & thermal parameters. Our primary business scope includes:

  • Optical & Thermal Testing Laboratory: the full services laboratory for material optical & thermal property testing
  • Instrumentation Services: distribution and instrumentation of optical & thermal measurement instruments

Our qualifications

The Optical & Thermal Testing Laboratory is ISO 17025 (SAC-SINGLAS) accredited and is qualified for SGBC, NFRC & AERC result submissions.

SAC-SINGLAS accrediation according to ISO 17025, accredited in 2016
SGBC lab partner for SGBP certification, qualified in 2017
NFRC/LBNL IGDB submission, qualified in 2014
AERC/LBNL CGDB submission, qualified in 2018

Our publications

We have a number of publications and presentations in the area of optical and thermal measurement.

Our office

Our office is located at 21 Woodlands Close, Primz Bizhub. The building is easy to access. It is next to an arterial road, Woodlands Avenue 12, and is around 2 – 3 minutes of drive from SLE. The building Primz Bizhub is a multi-user B1 light industrial building, with plenty of carpark lots. Visitors can directly walk to our office unit, without registering at a security counter.

The property is owned by the company and it was properly renovated for our laboratory use. The laboratory space is tidy and clean. The humidity and temperature are closely monitored and controlled for our expensive measurement instruments. Typically, the relative humidity in the space is less than 50% and it is a favorable environment to our optical measurement instruments.

In addition to the laboratory, there are also spaces for meeting room, storeroom, and staff offices. In our storeroom, we have our collections of on-site monitoring instruments, e.g. data loggers and various sensors.

Our key milestones

Oct 2013: Incorporation of OTM Solutions Pte Ltd
Feb 2014: Acquired UV/VIS/NIR and FTIR
Feb 2014: Received first order of testing services, from an Australia customer
Feb 2014: Started distribution of Delta Ohm instruments
Mar 2014: Received first order of instruments, from a Brunei customer
Apr 2014: Eligible for IGDB submission
Jun 2015: Started distribution of KSJ glossmeters
Nov 2015: Presentation in Fenestration Days China 2015
Nov 2015: Relocated to WaterHub
Mar 2016: Glazing test and daylight reflectance test accredited by SAC-SINGLAS
Nov 2016: Exhibited in Glasstech Asia 2016, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Apr 2017: Relocated to Primz Bizhub (self-owned property)
Jun 2017: SRI test accredited by SAC-SINGLAS
Aug 2017: Joined as SGBC corporate member
Sep 2017: Exhibited in BEX Asia 2017, Singapore
Nov 2017: Exhibited in Glasstech Asia 2017, Singapore
Dec 2017: Acquired heat flow meter
Apr 2018: Acquired transient hot wire meter
Apr 2018: Thermal conductivity test accredited by SAC-SINGLAS
Jun 2019: Eligible for CGDB submissions
Sep 2019: Started Adverstisement in SG Green magazine
Oct 2019: 1st issue of OTM Insights Newsletter
Feb 2020: Renewed SAC-SINGLAS certificate and completed the transition to ISO 17025:2017

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