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New!Download our 68-page  2023 edition laboratory profile  to understand more about our capabilities.

Branding & publications

Nobody is more serious than us on optical & thermal testing. We have the following regular and consistent branding and publication activities.

Annual publication: Laboratory Profile

Laboratory profile 2023 edition
Laboratory profile: 2022 edition
Laboratory profile: 2021 edition
Laboratory profile: 2020 edition
Laboratory profile: 2019 edition

We release our laboratory profile annually since 2019.

The lab profiles are with comprehensive information on our qualifications, capabilities and technical insights.

Quarterly newsletter: OTM Insights

Issue 18: Q4/2023

Issue 17: Q3/2023

Issue 16: Q2/2023

Issue 15: Q1/2023

Issue 14: Q4/2022

Issue 13: Q3/2022

Issue 12: Q2/2022

Issue 11: Q1/2022

Issue 10: Q4/2021

Issue 9: Q3/2021

Issue 8: Q2/2021

Issue 7: Q1/2021

Issue 6: Q4/2020

Issue 5: Q3/2020

Issue 4: Q2/2020
Issue 3: Q1/2020
Issue 2: Q4/2019
Issue 1: Q3/2019

We release our OTM Insights newsletter quarterly since Q3/2019.

In each OTM Insights, we provide a detailed technical insights article and also various news on OTM operation.

Listed below are the past issues of OTM Insights:

Issue 10.0
Page 45
Issue 9.0
Page 43

We advise on the SG Geen magzine published by SGBC biannally, since September 2019.

We also distribute copies of SG Geen magazine with our test report, to both Singapore and oversea customers, to showcase the green building initiatives in Singapore.

Corporate gift

Inflatable travel pillow with OTM logo
Notebook with OTM logo

We also distribute inflatable travel pillow and notebook to our customers, for their more comfortable journey or more productive workplace.

Scientific publications & presentations

Refer to the list below for the publications and presentations by OTM staff. If you are interested in having a copy of the full text or the presentation slides, please feel free to contact us.


  • Chen, F. and Wittkopf, S. K. (2012) Summer condition fenestration thermal transmittance measurement using calorimetric hot box. 53, Energy and Building (link).
  • Chen, F. and Wittkopf, S. K. (2012) Solar heat gain coefficient measurement with indoor calorimetric hot box and solar simulator. 53, Energy and Buildings (link).
  • Chen, F., Choo, T. S. and Ouyang, J. (2013) The effects of fenestration systems on occupant thermal and visual comfort in the tropics. SB13 Singapore Conference.
  • Chen, F. (2013) Annual equivalent shading coefficient (AESC) index for thermal performance rating of fenestration in Singapore. SB13 Singapore Conference.


  • Chen. F. (2012) SERIS’ approach towards a standard calorimetric method for solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) measurement. 2012 International Collaboration Seminar: Development of Evaluation Method for G-value, Korea.
  • Chen. F. (2012) SERIS’ experience on calorimetric G-value measurement. The 2nd International Seminar Regarding G-value Measurement Method, China.
  • Chen, F. (2013) The ABCs of fenestration system U-value and G-value. Seminar on Energy Efficient Facades and Fenestrations in the Tropics, Singapore.
  • Chen, F. (2013) Fenestration: the New Focal Point of Tropical Green Building Innovations. SGBC and SIBL Joint Seminar: Holistic Approach to Sustainable Development, Singapore.
  • Chen, F. (2013) The ABCs of Facades in the Tropical Climate. 2nd Seminar on High Performance Façades in the Tropics, Singapore.
  • Chen, F. (2013) Fenestration System Thermal Performance Rating for Summer Condition. APEC Policy Workshop for Energy Efficient Envelopes, Thailand.
  • Chen, F. (2015) New Perspectives on Energy Efficient Fenestrations in Tropical Climate. Fenestration Days China, China.
  • Chen, F. (2017) Accurate Measurement of Transmittance and Reflectance for Engineering Applications. PerkinElmer INTour Seminar 2017, Singapore (download).

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