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Delta Ohm pyranometers & solar measurement instruments

We are the distributor of Delta Ohm pyranometers & solar measurement instruments in Singapore. Delta Ohm instruments are manufactured in Italy and widely used in Singapore, for critical research and industry applications.

Photo of an array of Delta Ohm pyranometers
Specifications of typical Delta Ohm pyranometers

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Delta Ohm solar measurement brochure
Delta Ohm Solar Measurement brochure
Delta Ohm solar energy brochure
Delta Ohm Solar Energy brochure

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LPPYRA03 spectrally flat class C pyranometers
Spectrally flat class C pyranometer
LPPYRA02 spectrally flat class B pyranometers
Spectrally flat class B pyranometer
LPPYRA10 specetrally flat class A pyranometers
Spectrally fat class A pyranometer

Other solar measurement instruments

LPNET14 4-component net-radiometer
4-component Net-Radiometer
LPSD18 sunshine duration sensor
Sunshine duration sensor

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OTM is the distributor of Delta Ohm in Singapore. We absorb the shipping cost to all ASEAN countries.