Haze & luminous transmittance

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Lab test of haze & luminous transmittance

We are a Singapore-based third-party test laboratory, providing lab test services of haze & luminous transmittance. Our lab is SAC-SINGLAS (ISO 17025) accredited and our customers are from around 30 countries.

Sample types

  • All general transparent materials: plastics and glasses

Related instruments

Test method

  • ASTM D1003-13 Standard test method for haze and luminous transmittance of transparent plastics
    • Procedure B (spectrophotometer) is used by OTM for this testing.

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Sample requirements

  • Sample quantity: 3 samples for each test
  • Sample size:
    • Recommended size: a disk of 50 mm (2 inch) in diameter or a square of 50 mm x 50 mm (2 inch x 2 inch)
    • Recommended minimum size: diameter shall be greater than 25 mm (1 inch)
    • Recommended maximum size: 10 cm x 10 cm
    • Samples smaller than the recommended minimum size or greater than the recommended maximum size can be measured with customized configurations
  • Sampling of samples: sampling needs to be done by the client; our test results are only related to the samples tested by us

Sample conditioning

  • The test sample will be conditioned at 23 ± 2 °C and 50 ± 10% for not less than 40 hours prior to the test 
  • Please inform OTM if other conditioning arrangement is required

Information required

  • It is preferred that the details of the samples can be provided and the information will be stated in the test report

Results reported

  • Haze (%)
  • Total luminous transmittance (%)
  • Diffuse luminous transmittance (%)

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