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List of optical & thermal measurement services

We are a full-service optical & thermal testing laboratory, with a broad scope in material optical & thermal property measurement, from standard services to advanced services and from laboratory testing to on-site testing/monitoring:

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Standard laboratory testing services

Listed below are the standard testing services routinely performed by our laboratory:

ServiceStandard result set
Glass optical & thermal properties   ◦   Visible light transmittance/reflectance
  ◦   Solar energy transmittance/reflectance
  ◦   Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and shading coefficient
  ◦   U-value
Fenestration thermal performance   ◦   Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and shading coefficient
  ◦   U-value
Daylight reflectance   ◦   Total daylight reflectance
  ◦   Diffuse daylight reflectance
  ◦   Specular daylight reflectance
Solar reflectance index (SRI)   ◦   Solar reflectance/absorptance
  ◦   Thermal emittance
  ◦   Solar reflectance index (SRI)
Thermal conductivity   ◦   Thermal conductivity
Emissivity / emittance   ◦   Thermal emittance
Luminance contrast   ◦   Luminous reflectance
  ◦   Luminance contrast
Color & color difference   ◦   Color
  ◦   Color difference
Haze & luminous transmittance   ◦   Luminous transmittance
  ◦   Haze
Spectral transmittance / reflectance   ◦   Spectral transmittance/reflectance

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Advanced laboratory testing services

Advanced laboratory testing services are performed for special materials or applications. Listed below are the advanced laboratory testing services performed by our laboratory:

Thermochromic and electrochromic glassesOptical and thermal properties of thermochromic and electrochromic glasses at various temperature levels and electrical states

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Partially fritted glass daylight reflectanceDaylight reflectance testing of partially fritted glasses

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Transparent/translucent material SRISolar transmittance/reflectance/absorptance, thermal emittance, and SRI of transparent/translucent materials
Special solar spectra in solar reflectance testingNon-standard solar spectra in solar reflectance testing for special applications

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Paint and coating thermal conductivityThin material thermal conductivity testing with the transient hot-wire method
Soil thermal conductivityA needle-type hot wire probe for soil material thermal conductivity testing
Agar gel thermal conductivityThermal conductivity testing of agar gel (or other gel-like materials)

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Yellowness index and whiteness indexMaterial surface yellowness index and whiteness index testing
Dirt collection indexArchitectural coating dirt collection index testing

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On-site testing services

Some optical & thermal properties can be tested on-site. Listed below are the on-site testing services performed by our laboratory:

On-site testing of glass color uniformityOn-site measurement of glass color uniformity, with the following results:
  ◦   Colors (reference and samples)
  ◦   Color differences (between reference and samples)

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On-site monitoring services

For optical & thermal properties that cannot be tested on-site, it is possible to perform long-term performance monitoring to get equivalent or correlated results. Additionally, we can also perform weather monitoring or micro-climate monitoring on request. Listed below are the on-site monitoring services performed by our laboratory:

Optical & thermal performance moniotring

On-site glass optical & thermal performance monitoringOn-site monitoring of the following quantities related to glass optical & thermal performance:
  ◦   Solar irradiance (outdoor and indoor)
  ◦   Daylight illuminance (outdoor and indoor)
  ◦   Air temperature (outdoor and indoor)
  ◦   Glass surface temperature

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