Maximum sample size for spectral transmittance/reflectance testing

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We typically advise our customers that the maximum sample size is 300 mm × 300 mm. Most of our customers can provide samples smaller than 300 mm x 300 mm and this size is convenient to handle for both us and our customers, but it is not a technical limit.

Technically, we can test samples greater than 300 mm × 300 mm. The maximum size we can test is limited by the weight (due to safety reasons, samples that are too heavy cannot be lifted and aligned properly) and our lab space (due to the space limit, samples that are too large cannot be handled in the lab).

The maximum sample sizes tested by us so far are:

  • For spectral transmittance testing: a glass of the size 1.0 m × 1.9 m
  • For spectral reflectance testing: a solar panel of the size 1.1 m × 2.3 m

Due to the extra effort required to handle such large samples, some oversize surcharge is applicable to samples larger than 300 mm × 300 mm.