Solar spectra in ASTM E903 solar reflectance calculations

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Various solar spectra (i.e. solar spectral irradiance distributions) could be used in solar reflectance (of course, solar transmittance and absorptance too) calculations according to ASTM E903, as listed below:

  • ASTM E891:
    • Default solar spectrum used by the building industry and by OTM in SRI testing.
    • It is the default solar spectrum due to historical reasons and for compatibility with existing practices, data and instruments.
    • ASTM E891 is withdrawn and the same data set is available in ISO 9845-1.
  • ASTM E892:
    • Default solar spectrum for solar reflectance testing of non-roofing materials, according to LEED (note: solar reflectance only, not SRI)
    • Similarly, ASTM E892 is withdrawn and the data set is availble in ISO 9845-1.
    • ASTM E891 and E892 are different. ASTM E891 is in terms of direct normal solar radiation (no diffuse radiation); ASTM E892 is in terms of hemispherical solar radiation (with diffuse radiation).
  • ASTM G173:
    • Default solar spectrum included in ASTM E903, including both direct normal solar spectrum (equivalent to ASTM E891) and hemispherical solar spectrum (equivalent to ASTM E892)
    • It is not often used in the buidling industry, due to the historical reasons stated under ASTM E891.
  • ASTM E490:
    • Used in extraterrestrial applications, with AM0.
    • All other spectra mentioned above are with AM1.5 (refer to this article on air mass).

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