Thermal comfort data logger for PMV/PPD/WBGT/turbulence measurement

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Shown below are two sets of Delta Ohm HD32.3TC thermal comfort data loggers, with the following features:

  • For PMV/PPD/WBGT/turbulence measurement (ISO 7726, 7730 and 7243)
  • 4 quantities measured: air temperature, humidity, speed and globe temperature
  • Portable
  • With large touch screen
  • With built-in Li-ion battery (chargeable via USB)
  • With voice recording and camera function
  • With wi-fi connection for FTP upload

Visit our thermal comfort instrument page for more products.

With the 3 probes connected (globe thermometer probe, combined temperature & humidity probe, and air speed probe), it is possible to display either PMV/PPD results or WBGT (both indoor and outdoor) results, as shown below:

PMV/PPD result page
WBGT result page

The instrument can also be configured to measure UCTI (Universal Thermal Climate Index), with the same probe set.

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