Outdoor WBGT monitoring station with large water tank and cloud service

Related instruments Thermal comfort & microclimate, Wireless & web data loggers

Shown below is an HD35EDWWBGT outdoor WBGT monitoring station with a large water tank and cloud service.

Data logger and WBGT probes
Base unit with 4G connectivity

The features include:

  • Meets MOM workplace WBGT monitoring requirements
  • Safe for outdoor installations, with solar radiation shield for the temperature probe
  • Large water tank (500 cc), with expected autonomy longer than 1 month in Singapore
  • Data logger is battery power, with 2-year typical life
  • Base unit is with 4G connectivity and supporting cloud reading (note: local 4G subscription required, 230 VAC power supply required, base unit cannot be exposed to rain)

Shown below are the software and cloud portal screenshots:

Shown below is a photo taken from a site:

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Exhibition in WSH Forum on Heat Stress Management 2023

Related instruments Thermal comfort

OTM exhibited in WSH Forum on Heat Stress Management 2023 (25/05/2023, NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House Auditorium), with the following two instruments exhibited:

  • HD32.3TC handheld instrument for WBGT measurement; key features:
    • With a large color touchscreen
    • Probes are interchangeable for various thermal comfort and micro-environment measurements
    • High accuracy
  • HD35EDWWBGT wall-mounted instrument for WBGT measurement; key features:
    • For long-term WBGT monitoring (up to 500 ml water capacity for the natural wet bulb temperature probe)
    • Suitable for outdoor installation
    • With a wireless data logger and it is possible to configure it with cloud connectivity
    • High accuracy

Shown below is a photo of our booth:

We are grateful for the exhibition opportunity and booth setup assistance provided by WSH Council and MOM, and also the exhibition items provided by Delta OHM.

WBGT measurement with natural wet bulb temperature probe

Related instruments Temperature & humidity, Thermal comfort

An earlier post showed WBGT measurement with a combined temperature and humidity probe. With this configuration, the natural wet bulb temperature is calculated.

Shown below is a configuration of the same HD32.3TC instrument with a wet bulb temperature probe. In this case, the wet bulb temperature is directly measured, in compliance to ISO 7243.

HD32.3TC can be configured in various ways for thermal comfort, indoor air quality and microclimate analysis. Please refer to the data sheet of HD32.3TC for more details.