Exhibition in WSH Forum on Heat Stress Management 2023

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OTM exhibited in WSH Forum on Heat Stress Management 2023 (25/05/2023, NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House Auditorium), with the following two instruments exhibited:

  • HD32.3TC handheld instrument for WBGT measurement; key features:
    • With a large color touchscreen
    • Probes are interchangeable for various thermal comfort and micro-environment measurements
    • High accuracy
  • HD35EDWWBGT wall-mounted instrument for WBGT measurement; key features:
    • For long-term WBGT monitoring (up to 500 ml water capacity for the natural wet bulb temperature probe)
    • Suitable for outdoor installation
    • With a wireless data logger and it is possible to configure it with cloud connectivity
    • High accuracy

Shown below is a photo of our booth:

We are grateful for the exhibition opportunity and booth setup assistance provided by WSH Council and MOM, and also the exhibition items provided by Delta OHM.

Instrument for outdoor thermal comfort measurement (with solar panel and cloud service)

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Shown below is an instrument integrated by OTM for outdoor thermal comfort measurement:

Below are the key features of the system:

  • Four quantities are measured: air temperature, relative humidity, airflow speed and globe temperature
  • Data logger included
  • With 4G connectivity and cloud service
  • With solar panel
  • Suitable for outdoor 24×7 monitoring
  • The height of the stand is adjustable in the range of 0.9 m to 1.5 m

Shown below is a screenshot of the cloud service portal:

Listed below are the key components in the systems:

WBGT measurement with natural wet bulb temperature probe

Related instruments Temperature & humidity, Thermal comfort

An earlier post showed WBGT measurement with a combined temperature and humidity probe. With this configuration, the natural wet bulb temperature is calculated.

Shown below is a configuration of the same HD32.3TC instrument with a wet bulb temperature probe. In this case, the wet bulb temperature is directly measured, in compliance to ISO 7243.

HD32.3TC can be configured in various ways for thermal comfort, indoor air quality and microclimate analysis. Please refer to the data sheet of HD32.3TC for more details.

50 mm globe thermometer for thermal comfort applications

Related instruments Temperature & humidity, Thermal comfort

Shown above is a 50 mm diameter globe thermometer, with Class A 4-wire PT100 sensor. The model is Delta Ohm TP876.1.I. An alternative model with 150 mm diameter (TP875.1.I) is also available. Refer to the instrument datasheet for more information.

For the working principle of globe thermometers, please refer to this article.

[updated on 24/04/2024]

Shown below is the photo of the 150 mm model (TP875.1.I):

Thermal comfort data logger for PMV/PPD/WBGT/turbulence measurement

Related instruments Temperature & humidity, Air speed & wind, Thermal comfort

Shown below are two sets of Delta Ohm HD32.3TC thermal comfort data loggers, with the following features:

  • For PMV/PPD/WBGT/turbulence measurement (ISO 7726, 7730 and 7243)
  • 4 quantities measured: air temperature, humidity, speed and globe temperature
  • Portable
  • With large touch screen
  • With built-in Li-ion battery (chargeable via USB)
  • With voice recording and camera function
  • With wi-fi connection for FTP upload

Visit our thermal comfort instrument page for more products.

With the 3 probes connected (globe thermometer probe, combined temperature & humidity probe, and air speed probe), it is possible to display either PMV/PPD results or WBGT (both indoor and outdoor) results, as shown below:

PMV/PPD result page
WBGT result page

The instrument can also be configured to measure UCTI (Universal Thermal Climate Index), with the same probe set.