LoRaWAN data logging system for micro-climate monitoring

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Shown in the photo below is a LoRaWAN data logging system for micro-climate monitoring (soil temperature, air temperature & humidity), deployed in a public garden in Singapore:

The following instruments were used:

There are two LoRaWAN data loggers in the system:

  • LR35W1NTC temperature & humidity LoRaWAN data logger: this data logger supports 1 combined temperature & humidity probe
  • LR35WH general purpose data logger: this data logger supports 4 general input channels. In this installation, 4 PT100 temperature probes were connected.

The battery life of both loggers is longer than 2 years.

A few outdoor-type LoRaWAN gateways with 4G connectivity were deployed to provide network access. The signal coverage is around 1 km in an environment without tall buildings (with trees and other structures). The signal strength is reliable, based on the first few weeks of operation.

The data are automatically uploaded to the Delta OHM cloud. The end users can review the results online in real-time. The cloud service is free of charge.

OTM supplied all instruments and provided installation and maintenance services for this project.

Delta Ohm LR35 LoRaWan wireless data logging system

Related instruments Wireless & web data loggers

A LoRaWan based wireless data logging system was recently deployed by OTM. The system consists of:

The system was fully integrated and configured by OTM. OTM will also provide 1.5 years of maintenance and data collection services.

The instruments are distributed in various locations of two buildings. Shown below are two important instruments of the system (left: a LoRaWan data logger; right: the LoRaWan gateway).

LR35WH (outdoor type general-purpose data logger)
LoRaWan Gateway (indoor type, with 4G connectivity)