Import user IGDB format file into LBNL Optics

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On customers’ requests, we can provide the IGDB format files of the glass samples tested by us. Shown below is a screenshot of an IGDB format file:

The IGDB format file can be imported into LBNL Optics and WINDOW for further calculations.

For more detailed operations of the two software tools, please visit the respective help documents. The steps of importing user IGDB format file into LBNL Optics is described below.

Step 1. Create a new Optics user database

Use “Datebase” -> “Create new user database” to create a new user database file *.mdb.

When asked “Do you want to switch to this new (empty) database?”, click “Yes”.

Step 2. Import the IGDB format file

Use “File” -> “Import Text File(s)…” to import the IGDB format file.