Delta Ohm LR35 LoRaWan wireless data logging system

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A LoRaWan based wireless data logging system was recently deployed by OTM. The system consists of:

The system was fully integrated and configured by OTM. OTM will also provide 1.5 years of maintenance and data collection services.

The instruments are distributed in various locations of two buildings. Shown below are two important instruments of the system (left: a LoRaWan data logger; right: the LoRaWan gateway).

LR35WH (outdoor type general-purpose data logger)
LoRaWan Gateway (indoor type, with 4G connectivity)

All-in-one weather station for weather and air quality monitoring

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Shown below is an all-in-one weather station supplied by OTM for weather and air quality monitoring.

The system consists of the following components:

The system is fully integrated and completely independent. The data are uploaded to Delta Ohm cloud every 2 minutes. OTM also provides 2-year maintenance services to the instruments.