Wireless data logger for CO2 and indoor environment measurement

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Shown below is a wireless data logger from Senseca for temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2 and VOC index measurement:

Shown below is the screenshot from the data logger software. An HD35APD base unit is used by this customer.

The absolute humidity and wet bulb temperature are calculated from the temperature and relative humidity.

This instrument is great for long-term indoor thermal environment and air quality monitoring. The instrument is powered by USB, and it is possible to be powered by standard phone chargers or power banks.

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Cloud-based CO2 monitoring system for better air quality in COVID-19 situation

Related instruments Temperature & humidity, Wireless & web data loggers, Air quality sensors

A cloud-based CO2 monitoring system was configured by OTM for air quality monitoring in the COVID-19 situation.


The following two documents were followed in this application:

The CO2 level monitored is used as a proxy to justify the ventilation adequacy in the COVID-19 situation:

  • If the CO2 level is above 800 ppm, the ventilation may not be sufficient;
  • If the CO2 level is above 1100 ppm, the ventilation level is insufficient according to Singapore Standard SS554:2016.


Delta Ohm HD50 web data logger was used for this application. The model selected was HD50G1NBTV. It has built-in probes for CO2, temperature, and humidity measurement.

The instrument can meet all requirements specified by NEA/BCA. It also automatically uploads the data to Delta Ohm cloud via ethernet or wifi. Shown below are the results displayed in the cloud portal.

The instrument was pre-configured by OTM. The end user just needed to do the last-step mechanical mounting. All authorized users can access the results at the cloud portal with a browser and it is very convenient for facility managers who are busy with many things.