HD35EDWWBGT integrated station for WBGT monitoring

An integrated thermal comfort station for WBGT monitoring, with 4G connectivity and cloud service.

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Product Description

HD35EDWWBGT is an integrated thermal comfort station for WBGT monitoring, with the following key features:

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (can be exposed to rain)
  • With a large water tank (~ 2 month refill in Singapore)
  • Data logger is battery-powered (typically 2-year battery life)
  • With 4G connectivity and cloud service (local 4G subscription required)
  • High precision probes

The instrument fulfills the requirements by MOM on workplace WBGT monitoring.

Shown below are some photos of the system:

Data logger and probes (can be mounted on a wall or a pole; battery-powered)
4G base unit (the communication module between the data logger and the internet/computer, with 4G connectivity, powered by 230 VAC)
Software screenshot
Cloud portal screenshot
This photo was taken from the actual installation site. Based on this installation, we estimate that the large water tank only needs to be refilled every 2 months.

Additional information

Power supplyData logger: battery powered (typical life 2 years); base unit: external 230 VAC powered