HD32.3TC for WBGT measurement

A bundle product for handheld measurement of WBGT. This system is the same as the one for PMV/PPD/UTCI measurement, except that some probes are different.

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Product Description

The bundle product for WBGT measurement consists of the following components:

  • HD32.3TC: meter for thermal microclimate measurement
  • TP3207.2: temperature probe for dry bulb air temperature measurement
  • TP3276.2: 50 mm globe temperature probe
  • HP3201.2: natural ventilation wet bulb probe

The instrument measures 3 quantities (dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, and globe temperature) and automatically calculates the WBGT results (both indoor and outdoor WBGTs). For wet bulb temperature measurement, the water tank needs to be filled with distilled water.

The instrument is suitable for short-duration handheld measurement (or tripod-mounted). For 24×7 WBGT monitoring, we have some alternative products.

Shown below are some photos of the instrument:

Additional information

Power supplyLi-lon battery rechargeable via USB