HD32.3TC for PMV/PPD/UCTI measurement

A bundle product for handheld measurement of PMV/PPD/UCTI. The instrument has a large touchscreen and can be mounted on a standard camera tripod.

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Product Description

The bundle product for PMV/PPD/UCTI measurement consists of the following components:

  • HD32.3TC: meter for thermal microclimate measurement
  • HP3217.2R: combined temperature and relative humidity probe
  • TP3276.2: 50 mm globe temperature probe
  • AP3203.2: omnidirectional airspeed probe

The globe temperature probe is 50 mm. It is possible to use a 150 mm probe, but such a system is less portable.

The instrument measures 4 quantities (temperature, humidity, globe temperature, and airspeed) and automatically calculates the derived quantities (including MRT, PMV, PPD, and UCTI).

The instrument has a built-in chargeable battery and can be charged by standard USB ports (e.g. phone charger or power bank). It is possible to perform handheld measurement or mount the instrument on a standard camera tripod.

Shown below are some photos of the instrument:

Additional information

Power supplyLi-lon battery rechargeable via USB