HD2013.3 rain detector

Rain detector for rain status (rain/no rain) monitoring. The output signal can be used to control pump on/off. The instrument does not measure rainfall amount.

Operating manual
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Product Description

HD2013.3 is a rain status detector to detect if there is no rain.

The instrument essentially measures the wetness status of the sensing area. If there is no rain, the sensing area is dry; if there is rain, the sensing area is wet. The sensing part is heated and dries up quickly after the rain stops.

HD2013.3 does not measure the rainfall amount. For such applications, a rain gauge should be used.

For control applications, the voltage-free contact output (normally open when dry) should be used. There are MODBUS-RTU and 4-20 mA outputs available, with quantitative measurement of the fraction of the wet/dry area of the sensing part.

Shown below are some photos of HD2013.3:

Additional information

Power supply12-30 VDC
OutputProprietary RS485, MODBUS-RTU, voltage-free normally open contact, analog (0/4-20 mA or 0-10 V)