HD2003.1 3-axis ultrasonic anemometer

A 3-axis ultrasonic anemometer, with various digital output (e.g. MODBUS-RTU) and analog output (e.g. 4-20 mA) types.

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Product Description

HD2003.1 is a 3-axis ultrasonic anemometer for 3D wind measurement. HD2003 is an enhanced model with integrated temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure measurements.

The weight of HD2001.1 is around 1.5 kg and there is no moving part.

Shown below is a HD2003, integrated with a wireless data logger supporting MODBUS-RTU output:

Additional information

Power supply12-30 VDC
OutputRS232 and RS422 full duplex, RS485 MODBUSRTU, RS485 Multidrop and AoXnd half duplex; analog output of 5 quantities to be selected