ENVIROsense combined temperature, humidity & pressure transmitter

A combined temperature & humidity transmittance with optional barometric pressure measurement capability.

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Product Description

ENVIROsense is a combined temperature & humidity transmitter with compact size (diameter = 14 mm, length = 16 or 17 cm, mass = 30 g). The barometric measurement capability is optional.

The default output type is MODBUS-RTU. The analog output is only available for temperature & humidity, but not barometric pressure.

Additional information

Power supply7-30 VDC (except ETSxxM9x), or 4.5-16 VDC (only ETSxxM9x) for RS485 output ,10-30 VDC for 0-1 V and 0-5 V analog outputs, 15-30 VDC for 0-10 V output
OutputRS485 Modbus-RTU or ASCII proprietary protocol; 2 optional additional 0-1 V, 0-5 V or 0-10 V (depending on model) analog outputs for temperature and humidity