Outdoor WBGT monitoring station with large water tank and cloud service

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Shown below is an HD35EDWWBGT outdoor WBGT monitoring station with a large water tank and cloud service.

Data logger and WBGT probes
Base unit with 4G connectivity

The features include:

  • Meets MOM workplace WBGT monitoring requirements
  • Safe for outdoor installations, with solar radiation shield for the temperature probe
  • Large water tank (500 cc), with expected autonomy longer than 1 month in Singapore
  • Data logger is battery power, with 2-year typical life
  • Base unit is with 4G connectivity and supporting cloud reading (note: local 4G subscription required, 230 VAC power supply required, base unit cannot be exposed to rain)

Shown below are the software and cloud portal screenshots:

Shown below is a photo taken from a site:

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