Our instrument: hot wire thermal conductivity meter

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We are a Singapore-based third-party test laboratory, providing lab test services of material optical & thermal properties. We use Xiatech TC3000E transient hotwire thermal conductivity meter, with the following key information.

Transient hotwire thermal conductivity meter
  • Measurement principle: transient hot wire
  • Measurement range: 0.001 – 10 W/(m K)
  • Temperature range: room temperature only

The instrument is equipped with two probes, a thin film probe, and a needle probe.

Thin film probe

The thin film probe is mainly for flat plate solid samples:

  • 2 samples in a pair are needed, with the thin film probe sandwiched between the 2 samples
  • Minimum sample size: larger than 25 mm × 25 mm in length and width, and thicker than 0.3 mm in thickness
Needle probe

The thin film probe is mainly for bulk gel or soft soil samples:

  • Needle size: 1.6 mm in diameter and 12 cm in length
  • The needle is to be inserted in the sample for measurement

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