Online solar reflectance index (SRI) calculator: V1.1.0

We are pleased to introduce our online solar reflectance index (SRI) calculator. The current version is V1.1.0. Click the screenshot below to access this online calculator.

Online SRI calculator


  • No download or installation required.
    • The calculator works in all mainstream browsers with javascript enabled.
  • User friendly and responsive
    • In fact, you don’t need to click the “Calculate SRI” button and the results are updated instantly after your changes.
  • Full compliance to ASTM E1980
    • Accuracy has been validated with other independent codes. Eq. 1 of ASTM E1980 is solved iteratively.
  • Informative
    • Surface temperatures and SRIs of all 3 conditions are displayed side-by-side and with options of 3 temperature units

Feedback and comments

We will improve this calculator regularly. If you have feedback and comments, please let us know.

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