Online glass U-value calculator: V1.1.0

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We are pleased to introduce our online glass U-value calculator. The current version is V1.1.0. Click the screenshot below to access this online calculator.


  • No download or installation required.
    • The calculator works in all mainstream browsers with javascript enabled.
  • User friendly and responsive
    • In fact, you don’t need to click the “Calculate Glass U-value” button and the results are updated instantly after your changes.
  • Full compliance to ISO 10292 or EN 673
    • Accuracy has been validated with other independent codes.
  • Flexible and powerful
    • Major factors influencing glass U-value are supported: insulating glazing units, low-e coating, gas fills, laminated glasses.

Future developments

It is planned to include US NFRC U-value calculation in the future. SHGC and shading coefficient calculations may be included too.

Feedback and comments

We will improve this calculator regularly. If you have feebback and comments, please let us know.

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