Import Optics user database into LBNL WINDOW

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We have a post on how to import user IGDB format file into LBNL optics. The next step is to import the user database created into LBNL WINDOW for further calculations. Please refer to the steps below for the operations.

Step 1. Set the user database as the optical data source

In the “File” -> “Preference” -> “Optical Data” tab, browse the Optics user database file and set it as the optical data source, as shown below.

Step 2. Import glass optical data from Optics user database

In the glass library (“Libraries” -> “Glass”), click “Import” (in the “List” view). In the pop-up window, set the format as “IGDB or Optics User Database”, as shown below. The optical data entries in the Optics user database can then be imported in the next pop-up window.

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