COVID-19 update: lab testing services as usual while working from home as much as possible

It is the “circuit breaker” period in Singapore (07 April – 01 June 2020), in response to the current COVID-19 situation.

Below are the updates from OTM on our operations. Please also refer to this attachment for details.

Lab testing services as usual

Testing labs are classified as an essential business, exempted from suspension.

OTM is able to perform all lab testing services as usual, without interruption.

Please feel free to contact us for your lab testing needs.

Work from home as much as possible

During this special period, it is everyone’s social responsibility to maintain safe distancing. In our case, it is to reduce commuting to and from office and to reduce gathering in office.

We are working from home as much as possible during the “circuit breaker” period, unless for genuine essential activities.

Non-contact delivery of test samples

As most of the time our office is unmanned, non-contact delivery of test samples is required, without our presence.

Please refer to the appendix in the attachment for the instructions.

Please be assured that the test samples will be safe and we will acknowledge you the receipt status via email in due course.

Additional 2 days of lead time

Due to the measures mentioned above, additional 2 days of lead time is required to complete the test jobs.

The typical lead times are 5 working days for optical tests and 7 working days for thermal tests, during the “circuit breaker” period. In practice, we will shorten the lead time whenever possible.

Stay safe

Last but not least, we sincerely wish all our customers and suppliers are safe during this crisis.

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