COVID-19 update 2: office open as usual from 02 June

Business activities in Singapore are gradually resumed after the “circuit breaker” period between 07 April and 01 June. At OTM, we will also transit to the normal operation gradually.

Office open as usual

From 02 June onward, our office will be open as usual, according to our normal office hours (10 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday).

It allows sample delivery and report collection more conveniently.

Nevertheless, we prefer customers to reduce unnecessary person-to-person interactions, e.g. using third-party courier services for sample delivery or using electronic modes for payment.

Additional 2 days of lead time

The lead time of all testing services are still 2 days longer than our usual practice, as we are working on alternate shifts to reduce commuting to the office.

Based on our practices during the “circuit breaker” period, most orders are processed within the normal lead time, without delay.

SafeEntry digital check-in/out system

We’ve also implemented the SafeEntry digital check-in and check-out system, according to the government guidelines. All visitors need to scan the QR code prominently displayed at the entrance to check-in or check-out. Additionally, face-to-face meetings are not encouraged in this special period.

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