LAN data logging network for temperature, humidity, pressure and air speed monitoring

A LAN-based data logging system was integrated by OTM for air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and air speed monitoring. The following instruments were used:

  • HD50GH: web data logger supporting 4 analog inputs and ethernet connectivity
  • HD2001.1: temperature, humidity and pressure transmitter with 4-20 mA output
  • HD403TS2: air speed probe with 4-20 mA output
HD50GH web data logger

All data loggers in the network automatically upload the results to a server in the LAN periodically. Shown below is the result viewer in the HDServer1 software. The data logging network can be expanded with more loggers added.

Related instruments

Career opportunity with OTM: sales executive

We are looking for a sales executive for better sales flow and customer experience.

About us

OTM Solutions Pte Ltd was founded in 2013, with the following two operations:

  • Optical & thermal testing laboratory: we provide third-party material testing services to the building & construction industry (e.g. architectural glass optical properties, insulation material thermal conductivity). Our lab is SAC-SINGLAS accredited and with customers from more than 20 countries.
  • Instrumentation services: we are also the distributor of a well-established instrument manufacturer. We supply measurement instruments (e.g. weather stations and data loggers) and provide integration and measurement services.

For more details, please visit our website:

Job description

We are looking for a sales executive, with the following duties:

  • Pre-sales enquiries: communicate with customers on service/product specifications. Technical knowledge on our services/products is required. Training will be provided.
  • Official sales documents: generate official documents (e.g. quotation, tax invoice, delivery order) required in a typical sales cycle.
  • Post-sales coordination: communicate with customers on job progress and other customer enquiries (e.g. customer feedback and satisfaction survey).
  • Sales records: maintain sales related records in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and other relevant tools (e.g. customer loyalty program, sales records).
  • Quality document management: help laboratory manager maintain quality documents (i.e. standard operating procedures, SOPs) and attend quality audits. Training will be provided.

Job requirements

  • Education: diploma or degree is preferred
  • Language skills: proficient in English (both oral and written) is essential, most communications with customers will be over phone and emails
  • Computer skills: emailing with MS outlook, document editing with MS Word & Excel, quoting and invoicing with software (training will be provided)
  • Professional working and learning attitude: able to learn and comprehend our service/product specifications, able to comply with company requirements
  • Good inter-personal skills and responsive
  • Willingness in working in a small size company
  • Able to work in Woodlands area
  • We welcome fresh graduates to apply

Employment Benefits

  • Fixed basic salary with sales incentives and performance bonus
  • Short office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm)
  • 14 days of annual leave
  • Medical benefits

How to apply

Please email your CV and cover letter to If you are shortlisted, we will contact you within 1 week.

OTM Insights Newsletter: Issue 5

Our newsletter OTM Insights Issue 5 was sent to our customer on 27 Jul 2020. We are sharing some technical insights of accuracy of glass optical & thermal property test results in the newsletter. Click the image to read the full newsletter.

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5 certainties amid uncertainties: our COVID-19 strategy

COVID-19 has brought in many uncertainties to the business environment and will bring in more uncertainties in the future. As OTM’s COVID-19 strategy, we remain committed to the following 5 certainties:

  • Certainty 1: our long-termism principle
  • Certainty 2: consistent efforts on innovation
  • Certainty 3: consistent efforts on branding
  • Certainty 4: consistent efforts on global opportunities
  • Certainty 5: consistent efforts on customer loyalty

Certainty 1: our long-termism principle

We will stay focused on optical & thermal testing.

Certainty 2: consistent efforts on innovation

We will consistently develop our own instruments, tools and methods for optical & thermal testing.

An instrument under active development at OTM
One of the online optical & thermal calculators developed by OTM

Certainty 3: consistent efforts on branding

We will consistently update our website, newsletter and lab profile, with rich information on optical & thermal testing.

Certainty 4: consistent efforts on global opportunities

We will consistently support global customers to improve the utilization rate of our resources.

Our customers are from more than 20 countries

Certainty 5: consistent efforts on customer loyalty

We will consistently reward our loyal customers, with loyalty vouchers issued to all customers to nurture long-term relationship.

COVID-19 update 2: office open as usual from 02 June

Business activities in Singapore are gradually resumed after the “circuit breaker” period between 07 April and 01 June. At OTM, we will also transit to the normal operation gradually.

Office open as usual

From 02 June onward, our office will be open as usual, according to our normal office hours (10 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday).

It allows sample delivery and report collection more conveniently.

Nevertheless, we prefer customers to reduce unnecessary person-to-person interactions, e.g. using third-party courier services for sample delivery or using electronic modes for payment.

Additional 2 days of lead time

The lead time of all testing services are still 2 days longer than our usual practice, as we are working on alternate shifts to reduce commuting to the office.

Based on our practices during the “circuit breaker” period, most orders are processed within the normal lead time, without delay.

SafeEntry digital check-in/out system

We’ve also implemented the SafeEntry digital check-in and check-out system, according to the government guidelines. All visitors need to scan the QR code prominently displayed at the entrance to check-in or check-out. Additionally, face-to-face meetings are not encouraged in this special period.

OTM Insights Newsletter: Issue 4

Our newsletter OTM Insights Issue 4 was sent to our customer on 27 Apr 2020. We are sharing some technical insights of optical & thermal property test of glasses from existing buildings in the newsletter. Click the image to read the full newsletter.

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